WowPerson Community Guidelines

These rules are written for all users of the platform in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere on the WowPerson platform, which combines a diverse community and representatives of different cultures, ages, and beliefs. By using the WowPerson platform, you agree to follow this guide and other terms of use for the platform. 

The safety of our creators, viewers, and partners is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community. It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep WowPerson safe. Take the time to carefully read the policy below. You can also check out this page for a full list of our guidelines.

Violation of these rules may result in the removal of the offender's content and account. In developing these rules, we took into account general rules and standards of morality, and also took into account international standards in the field of human rights. We are convinced that a safe and healthy environment created on our platform will help everyone to express their opinion and share their creativity without belittling the feelings and dignity of other users.

  • Posting content that is inappropriate for the audience is prohibited. Such content, for example, may include an image or video depicting intercourse, genitals, and images of fully exposed buttocks. This also includes some photos of female nipples. Nude images in painting and sculpture are acceptable in the context of art concepts. Any content that encourages or arouses erotic fantasies, such as erotica, veiled erotica, and pornography on the platform is prohibited.

  • The WowPerson platform prohibits the purchase and sale of firearms and the offer of sexual services.

  • Extremism in any form and manifestation is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to use the WowPerson platform to promote and incite ideas, persons or organizations carrying ideas of enmity, hatred, intolerance towards people based on religious, political, racial, ethnic, ideological, gender, gender identity, glorifying and promoting violence in any form.

  • Respect other users of the WowPerson platform. The platform will make every effort to maintain a friendly, open and healthy environment within the community. Therefore, hostile statements, threats and other content aimed at blackmailing and harassing a person or a group of persons in order to dishonor, blackmail or disclose personal information are strictly prohibited on the platform. Threats of harm to personal and public safety are prohibited.

  • Threats of causing physical, moral and material harm to a person (including oneself), a group of persons or any organization are prohibited. It is prohibited to use offensive and derogatory forms of speech against an individual and a group of persons with the aim of humiliating a person on any grounds mentioned above and any other grounds protected by US law. Bullying of one or more persons for any reason is prohibited. Trolling is also applicable here.

  • We support a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, advertising and distribution of any illicit drugs (except for medicinal use) and other goods prohibited by law are strictly prohibited. Advertising of tobacco and alcohol abuse is prohibited. It is forbidden to publish content that promotes, normalizes or glorifies actions that can lead to suicide or self-harm, such as cuts, self-flagellation, injuries of varying severity to your body. It is forbidden to publish and share content on the platform that promotes any dangerous actions that could lead to serious harm to health. It is strictly forbidden to distribute content, instructions encouraging suicide, as well as images and videos of suicide attempts, statements about suicide that elevate this act as a heroic act are also prohibited. 

  • The safety of children is important to us. The WowPerson platform will make every effort to ensure the safety of minors. In this case, we mean individuals under the age of 18. Content that demonstrates child abuse, including the illegal exploitation of child labor, causing physical and mental harm to them, is strictly prohibited on the platform. Content that contains images or videos of minors without clothes, as well as adult harassment of minors, filmed by both adults and their peers, is strictly prohibited. After identifying a user in the distribution of child pornography or any other illegal actions towards minors, we will immediately transfer all user data to law enforcement agencies for identification of the uploader’sidentity, and their account will be immediately blocked. 

  • Content authenticity is essential to our platform. It is forbidden to publish any content without the explicit consent of the copyright holder. It is forbidden to impersonate another person, using someone else's name, photo or biography, misleading platform administrators and other users with the aim of generating profit (or not), thus violating any intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to participate in the creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of influencing, influencing, changing public opinion. The platform allows one person to create several accounts if this does not violate the general rules of the platform, does not mislead other users and does not harm the platform ecosystem.

  • We encourage you to help us make the platform better. Of course, each member can express their personal opinion without violating the community code described above. You may see something inappropriate that does not comply with our community guidelines or generally accepted moral standards. You can do your part to improve our platform’s social atmosphere.e. If you see or hear anything that violates the community guidelines, please let us know as much as possible about the incident. We take every complaint seriously and will take the necessary action. However, spurious reports that misuse this system may result in action against you. In most cases, you yourself will be able to solve the problems that have arisen, for example, by talking to a person who breaks the rules or by unsubscribing such a user if you find his behavior unacceptable for you or your family. You can also block other users to prevent hostile interactions from continuing. If there is a real danger of harm to individuals or public safety, we will turn the information of the incident over to law enforcement agencies. 

Thank you for following the above rules and we hope you enjoy using WowPerson!