Communicating with amazing people, while emitting positive emotions and inspiration, prompted the founders of WowPerson to create an opportunity for those who are unable to meet and talk personally with famous people.
Are there any celebrities you would love to hang out with? We’re sure that you are one of the millions who answered "yes".
Maybe these are heroes from your favorite childhood films, or musicians and singers who left an indelible impression with their work? Or maybe there are legendary athletes, or actors, showmen, and even video bloggers that you really connect with?

The mission of WowPerson is to bring amazing events into the lives of everyday people - to provide an opportunity to communicate with celebrities and famous people around the world.

The WowPerson project is a new way for fans and celebrities to communicate seamlessly.


Milestones 2024-2027:
  • Run online shows in the USA and China with more than twenty thousand stars.
  • Integration of online celebrity stores for the sale of merchandise.
  • Development and launch of the NFT Marketplace.


Want to join our team? We are looking out for super people:
Development team:
  • Security Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Linux Administrator
  • iOS App Developer
  • Android App Developer
Marketing Team:
  • Public Relationships Specialist (Chinese)
  • Social Media Specialist (Chinese)
  • Creative Writer
  • Interviewer
  • Financial Specialist (China)
Are you interested in this? Send your resume to [email protected] and get more detailed information about the job.